"2 striper trips and a drum trip with Scooter. No matter the season, the weather, or the species you will catch fish and just as important you will have a blast doing it. Go experience it for yourself. You'll be planning your next trip on the way home. Just went yesterday and I have 2 work buddies amped up about going."

"Awesome guide service! Top notch, professional, and Scooter can flat out put you on big fish! You will remember this trip for the rest of your life."

"CWW does it again. It was tough fishing today with all these crazy weather changes. All the other local fishermen who live right next to these waters caught basically nothing. We caught 65. 20+ keeper sized stripers. They would all come up to Scooter's boat to try to get the scoop. It's amazing that a great guide can put you on that many fish while people that lived in this area all of they're lives can't get a bite. Scooter's an excellent guide, maybe the best for this type of fishing in this state. And as always, very positive, funny. It makes for a fun experience."