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"I have fished several times with Capt. Scooter and each time has been a fantastic trip and experience. We've caught everything from speckled trout, blues, stripers, and largemouth. I'll be back again this year for the bucket list big red drum. If you want to catch fish on the Roanoke, Albemarle, or Pamlico Capt. Scooter is your guy, he has an unmatched knowledge of the area, water, and techniques."


- Jason Payne, Arlington, VA


"If you want to catch fish, Captain Scooter Lilley will make sure it happens! Big Red Drum on the Pamlico Sound or Stripers on the Roanoke River, he knows where they are! Not only knowledgeable and dedicated fisherman, Scooter makes the time of the boat enjoyable! Looking forward to our next trip!"

- Ellen Jones, Richmond, VA

Excellent trip! Captain Lilley put us right on the fish and we had a blast. Book him, you won't be disappointed.


- Virginia Taylor

"Scooter Lilley’s is a “CATCHING MACHINE!!!“ The reason you go fishing is because you love it You charter a captain because they share the same passion. Tackle - top-notch. Boat - top of the line- and he runs it all out! Huge value compared to the northern captain’s just in it for a pay check.


He’s not happy unless your catching fish. I love fishing with Scooter —— the man exhausted me for 3 days!!! Non-stop action on the Roanoke.6/7/8 species and day in numbers! That was just my first of many trips I’ve taken with him. Monster Reds on the Pamlico- again- non stop tackle busting giant reds. Scooter takes it personal if the fishing slow.... running countless miles to find you fish! 5 trips with him and I can’t wait to go again!"



- Al Banker


"It was a “super Tuesday “ for us three ladies on 3/3/2020 fishing with Scooter. We didn’t find the rock fish schooling the way we had hoped but it was not for the lack of trying. Scooter is a great guide and if the fish are there he will find them. We picked up a few everywhere we stopped and ended the day with our limit of keepers. Beautiful day on the river!! Highly recommend!!"


- Linda Johnson

"Captain Scooter Lilley put us on the stripers during our last trip on the Roanoke River! I've fished with him before for Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and Flounder, too. His knowledge of NC waters is great and his boat and tackle are always ready to go. Can't wait to book him again. It's always a great time with Scooter finding, and catching a good limit of fish."

- Eric Galasso, Maryland

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"Been fishing all my life, bought my first boat at 17. I have real appreciation for what it takes to be good at catching fish! Scooters good and a great guy to spend the day with! Felt like I was fishing with an old friend, my first chartered trip thanks to my friend Tony! First time I ever had anyone bait a hook or take off fish! Thanks Scooter it was a nice break!"

- Tim Rushing, Ahoskie, North Carolina

We had an incredible Drum fishing experience with Scooter last Labor Day weekend. We reeled in some big bull drum on the Pamlico Sound. Can’t wait to go back!! Scooter works diligently to ensure his clients have a successful trip as well as a good time!

- Ellen Marie

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"Awesome guide service! Top notch, professional, and Scooter can flat out put you on big fish! You will remember this trip for the rest of your life."



- Andy Greene, Rutherfordton, North Carolina

"We did an August drum trip with CWW Charters and it was absolutely amazing! We all caught huge red drum and Scooter was an awesome guide! We made memories that will last a lifetime!"

- Christina Robinson

Carl S.jpeg

"Fished with Scooter for a couple years, winter striped bass and red drum in summer. always a great trip The man will work hard to find the fish and you will definitely have a fun time. We laughed and learned a lot about about the local area we were fishing. Already booked for summer red drum and possibly a turkey/striper trip for my son and me in the spring. Always a good time."

- Carl Scrivani

If you wanna have an awesome time fishing Scooter is your guy!


- Cristy Bullock, Raleigh, NC

Cristy Bullock.JPG
Carl Scrivani.jpg

"My son and I fished with Scooter last week. We caught giant bull reds, trout, puppy drum, striped bass, bluefish and even a Ladyfish. What a blast we had. Scooter worked hard and found the fish. He never gives up. Lots of laughs and memories to last a lifetime."



- Carl Scrivani

"Awesome guide service! Top notch, professional, and Scooter can flat out put you on big fish! You will remember this trip for the rest of your life."

- Andy Greene, Rutherfordton, North Carolina


"2 striper trips and a drum trip with Scooter. No matter the season, the weather, or the species you will catch fish and just as important you will have a blast doing it. Go experience it for yourself. You'll be planning your next trip on the way home. Just went yesterday and I have 2 work buddies amped up about going."


- Lauren Griffin

"CWW does it again. It was tough fishing today with all these crazy weather changes. All the other local fishermen who live right next to these waters caught basically nothing. We caught 65. 20+ keeper sized stripers. They would all come up to Scooter's boat to try to get the scoop. It's amazing that a great guide can put you on that many fish while people that lived in this area all of they're lives can't get a bite. Scooter's an excellent guide, maybe the best for this type of fishing in this state. And as always, very positive, funny. It makes for a fun experience."

- Paul Ebert, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mac Mailhott.jpeg

My son (Steven), 15 year old grandson (Collin) and I have been fishing with CWW Inshore Charters for the past two years. Scooter is bar none the best guide anyone could want. He goes out of his way to make sure you have a great time. Scooter has taught me grandson so much about fishing. Check out these pictures from blue catfish, bass and gar fish. Thank you Scooter.

- Mac Mailhott

Mac Mailhott.jpg
Allen Fields.jpeg

"Scooter is one of the best guides I've ever had, for any species of fish. Had a fantastic day on the Roanoke River, over 60 fish with over 20 keepers!"

- Allen Fields, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We had a great trip today! Thanks to the guidance of Capt. Scooter Lilley

- Melissa Honaker

Melissa Honaker.jpg
Paul Ebert.jpg

"My son and I fish with guides 6 times a year for various species. This was one of our best trips and definitely one of our best guides. Scooter goes all out to find fish and teach you the techniques to catch them. He really knows the water and what you need to do to put fish in the boat and a smile on your face."



- Tim Ebert, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"You will not find a better or more prepared guide for your striper and bass fishing in NC. Great experiences and good times!!"

- Josh Powell

Scott Griffin.jpeg

"Been fishing with Scooter for years. Whether it’s a 100+ striper day on the Roanoke or catching 50lb bull reds on popping corks our trips with CWW have NEVER disappointed. If you’re looking for a good day on the water call Scooter. We literally just booked our bull red trip for the summer and can’t wait."

- Scott & Rachel Griffin, Raleigh, North Carolina

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